By Memoona Emaan
October 31, 2022

If you don’t wear your silver rings, bracelets, and necklaces very often, you may notice a layer of discoloration the next time you put them on. When silver is exposed to air, a chemical reaction occurs that causes it to tarnish black. Fortunately, your rings and bracelets are not destroyed; you simply need to learn how to clean silver jewelry at home to remove the tarnish and restore their luster. Cleaning silver jewelry doesn’t take long, and some methods use supplies you probably already have on hand. Invest in a specialized cleaning cloth and learn how to store silver jewelry properly to prevent tarnish in the first place to keep your silver jewelry sparkling for a long time.

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Guide

  • To make suds, mix a couple drops of mild dish soap into warm water in a small bowl. Allow your silver jewelry to soak in the solution for five minutes.
  • Gently brush away grime from any crevices in the jewelry with a soft brush.
  • Rinse each piece in a bowl of warm, clean water. (If rinsing over the sink, use a drain catcher to prevent jewelry from falling down the drain.)
  • Using a soft piece of cloth, dry each piece of jewelry after rinsing. Use a soft cloth instead of a paper towel, which can scratch the soft surface of silver jewelry.

What You Can Do to Prevent Silver From Tarnishing

Prevention is the key to beautiful silver jewelry. Here are five of the best ways to keep silver from tarnishing:

  • Avoid wearing your silver jewelry while swimming in chlorinated water. Remove it before showering or bathing as well.
  • Avoid wearing it near things high in sulfur compounds, like eggs and mayonnaise.
  • When storing your silver jewelry, keep it away from heat and humidity. Keep the jewelry in a flannel-coated bag or cloth. This prevents tarnishing of silver jewelry.
  • Always put your jewelry after you’ve sprayed your perfume and moisturizer.
  • Wear your jewelry frequently. It is way better for the silver to be worn than to be stored in a box for a long time.

Trying to maintain your jewelry collection does not have to be burdensome, and professional cleaning is not always required. Now that you know how to clean your jewelry at home, share this with your friends so that they can save time and money while keeping their jewelry in excellent condition. If you need a quick fix, you can use common cleaning supplies such as dish soap. With proper care, your fine jewelry will last a lifetime, and your fashion jewelry will last for many seasons.

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