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1crt Diamond Ring

1crt Diamond Ring


There’s nothing that screams love like a diamond ring! You know it, we know it, the world knows it.

You deserve to celebrate your love with something special, something long-lasting and only the very best. It should embody all the qualities of your relationship such as strength, timelessness, eternal love and an undying sparkle. This, is what makes this the perfect engagement ring- undeniably ‘the One’.

So believe in true love with Ceylon Artisans- propose to your significant other with this stunning beauty and enjoy a lifelong love built on more!

At Ceylon Artisans our unique buying process enables us to handpick all of the diamonds that go into our Jewelry. This means any diamonds which do not meet our high standards are discarded, and only 2% of diamonds make the Ceylon Artisans Grade. All the Diamonds in this ring are ethically sourced and GIA certified.

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