By Memoona Emaan
October 26, 2022

Our ‘once upon a time’ is as classic as classic gets. Back in 2019, when our Founder and CEO Mustafa Abidali completed his Bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of London- he was already working as a Marketing Executive for Sri Lanka’s No. 1 Jewelry Manufacturing Company. He had begun his higher studies in 2015 and by the time of completion in Feb 2019- had amassed approximately one and a half years of working experience in the Jewelry industry. Mustafa was not one with major academic merits or a star track record- but he found his passion in gold, silver, sapphires, diamonds and you know the rest. Then, with the classic desire for entrepreneurial success experienced by most college graduates- he started Ceylon Artisans in May 2019.

Ceylon Artisans started off initially selling the manufacturing company’s designs- essentially carrying out the same marketing role Mustafa previously held but under a different name. The existing customer base and industry experience of its owner greatly benefited the company. It developed further to manufacture its own designs and create customer loyalty and trust towards the new brand, and has now grown leaps and bounds today. Hard work, determination, and the wise decision to turn passion into career are certainly major ingredients in the recipe for success.

Do you have a business startup or success story you would like to share? Do let us know in the comments below!

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