November Birthstone: Topaz and Citrine

By Memoona Emaan
November 23, 2022

Individuals born in November, are unquestionably lucky when it comes to jewels. Topaz and citrine, both November birthstones, are abundant in most gem-stocking regions around the world.

These enchanting gems create the appearance of royalty, but they are actually one of the more budget – friendly birthstones available today. What more could you want in a November birthstone? It’s beautiful, precious, and inexpensive.

What Is The November Birthstone?

A birthstone is a stone that symbolizes a person’s birth. When buying or gifting a November birthstone, you can’t really go wrong. Every birth month is associated with a specific color. Each color represents a distinct emotion, as well as the related energy and healing ability. The color assigned to November, the second last month of the year, is an entrancing yellow-gold. Topaz and citrine are both renowned for their soothing and contentment properties, which are sure to bring the owner or wearer prosperity, fortune, and joy.

Both the topaz and citrine birthstones are durable and can be used in any type of jewelry. Topaz is only relatively harder than citrine, but it has been known to chip when knocked against a hard object carelessly. As a result, we consider saving this priceless artifact for special occasions.


Topaz is a hard silicate metal, to put it simply. Impurities or flaws in the crystal structure cause it to change color into such a green, red, purple, pink, yellow, gold, brown, blue, or transparent shade. A clear topaz birthstone is frequently heated up to adjust its tint and produce a blue topaz. Despite its completely different color, this blue topaz is also a prevalent November birthstone choice.

While the topaz birthstone is considered relatively inexpensive, not every variants of this November birthstone are the same price. The most valuable are those that are a deep yellow – orange with undertones of Imperial topaz – a pink shade labeled after the Russian czars of the nineteenth century – as well as those that are ‘cherry topaz’ or yellowish to brownish.

This lovely November birthstone represents the virtues of love and affection. When the November birthstone topaz is given as a gift, it symbolizes the commitment of eternal love and loyalty. Besides, legend has it that anybody who gets to wear topaz jewelry will be endowed with intelligence and strength.


A citrine birthstone is well-known for its marvelous gold hues. Its hues range from delicate pale yellows to an eye-catching reddish-brown hue. In fact, the word “citrine” is derived from the Latin term for “lemon.” When you examine a citrine birthstone, you will notice its warm golden glow.

Any jewelry made with this November birthstone is quite certain to attract a lot of attention. It is commonly referred to as “healing quartz” because it is said to bestow an abundant supply of resilience and positive energy on whoever owns it. For centuries, this stone has been endorsed for its ability to clear negative energies and raise cheerful and soothing vibrations.

Why Does November Have Two Birthstones?

The fact that people born in November have not one, but two different November birthstones is mainly due to color.
As previously stated, the birthstone for November is affiliated with a yellow-golden hue. This is the color of the citrine birthstone, as well as various varieties of topaz. They form a magnificent ancillary pair that would continue to bless
November babies for millennia.

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