Jewellery myths and facts: Everything you need to know!

By Memoona Emaan
December 5, 2022

Do you think diamonds are unbreakable? Do you believe that biting into the gold can tell you if it’s authentic? The majority of us hold our own philosophies, some of which are popular myths. Some are completely irrelevant, but many others are too old to be believed. So, are you ready to dispel the myths that obscure the facts about jewelry?

Understanding more about gemstones, metals, and other materials through our blog is one way to dispel these myths. Jewellery myths are essential to be aware of, in order to outwit a few conventional smiths who simply carry on the trade without dealing with the truth.

Gold comes in a variety of colors

Nature, on the other hand, only provides yellow gold. The different colors of gold are the product of conscious mixtures of other metals in different percentages to pure gold. They are then alloys rather than pure gold. These alloys with gold are made up of various metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, and silver.

It is impossible to destroy diamonds

Diamonds, of course, are tough, with high levels of tolerance on the Mohs Scale. But this is not truly the case that they can’t be destroyed. Each diamond can be rubbed and destroyed by a harder diamond. In essence, the diamond scratch test can demonstrate the integrity and firmness of each diamond.

Biting into gold reveals its authenticity

The bite experiment is crude and can only distinguish between solid gold and mixed gold. This is due to the fact that pure gold is extremely soft. However, any mixed gold, such as that used in jewelry, is relatively difficult enough to withstand a bite. So, if you’re curious about gold purity, experiment with much more research methodology of purity measurement.

Among all gemstones, diamonds are the rarest

Not at all. Except for colored diamonds, diamonds are more common than rare gemstones such as painite, bixbite, jeremejevite, serendibite, musgravite, benitoite, taaffeite, and grandidierite.

Feeling better about busting a few jewelry myths? The more you learn about gemstones and materials, the more confident you will be in using them in your specifications. That is a surefire way to demonstrate your genuine love of jewelry.

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