Best Selling Jewelry Pieces

By Memoona Emaan
October 26, 2022

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and therefore it is no doubt that the majority of our best-selling products are diamond jewelry. At Ceylon Artisans, our unique buying process enables us to handpick all of the diamonds that go into our Jewelry. This means any diamonds which do not meet our high standards are discarded, and only 2% of diamonds make the Ceylon Artisans Grade!

One such product is our Solitaire Diamond Ring, initially designed as an engagement ring for a couple who have now become one of favourite customers (we also crafted their wedding bands). This ring features a 1 Carat Round Cut Diamond in a Prong Setting, with 10 smaller Diamonds set on either side of the centre stone. We went on to make several other rings of the same design- in Rose Gold as well. Another best-selling design is our Diamond Half Eternity Band. This consists of 17 Round Brilliant Diamonds mounted in a Prong Setting. The weight of each Diamond is approximately 0.0076crt, making the total Diamond weight of the ring 0.13 Carats. The Diamonds span half the circumference of the Ring, thereby giving it its classic ‘Half-Eternity’ name.

Sri Lanka’s Gem and Jewelry industry has a long and colourful history and Sri Lankan Sapphires are one of the island’s most famous stones- world renowned for their size and quality. Ceylon Artisans was therefore proud to produce a Rainbow Sapphire Ring- with 8 Round-Cut, Prong-Set Sapphires of different colours that span the rainbow spectrum (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Violet and White). This Ring was crafted in Rose Gold and Yellow Gold and we went on to make a whole set- with a matching Necklace and pair of Earrings.

So there you have it- our Best Selling Designs. What kind of jewelry is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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