By Memoona Emaan
March 25, 2023

Fashion Jewelry mistakes are commonly seen around us. People often wear inappropriate Jewelry at formal parties or special occasions. Every event has a code set by the people living in that community. You cannot wear wedding jewels at an official meet-up. Some distinctions need to be identified. Therefore, we have taken initiative to give our readers some insights about styling mistakes.

Wear Fewer Accessories

In contrast to Loads of jewelry pieces, one or two accessory pieces aesthetically do not please the eye. Less is more! Wearing minimal pieces compared to layers keeps the wearer easy, comfortable, and attractive. Especially in summer, even a single ear stud can cause discomfort. Therefore, minimal and lightweight is the best option.

Stoned Jewels versus Oxidized

Stoned Carved Jewelry is always worn at weddings. It is a complete no-wear stoned jewel at the Office or in casual meet-ups. Each event has its vibe. You can’t pull a gown in an office meeting. In the same way, weddings cannot hold the sight of jeans and crop tops. Wearing Jewelry has its etiquette.

Oxidized Jewelry has an event to wear. You can carry those jewels in casual meet-ups and restaurants but not at weddings. That event is all about sparkle. Oxidized jewel is a sober thing to wear; therefore, they will not make you stand out among the people at a wedding.

Wear Jewelry that suits the outfit, not your mood

One of the typical fashion mistakes is to wear Jewelry that suits your outfit. It does not go that way if you feel like wearing chandelier earrings at a birthday party, so pull it off with confidence. No, the birthday party needs funky, relaxed, and lightweight accessories.

Mood swings are a hurdle to keeping your fashion sense intact at various events. Some days are dull, and that particular day’s vibe irritates you. However, works wait for none. Therefore, the styling for your day needs to be catered to.

Wearing Old Jewelry

We are so immersed in love with all our jewelry collections that we don’t find them ugly or worn out, even though the years have passed since we bought them. Flaunting your loved piece of Jewelry could be an ugly sight to the viewer. Therefore, it is also one of the common mistakes to wear old Jewelry with its coating rinsed off.

Take Off Your Jewelry Before Entering The Water

There are precautions required to care for your Jewelry. If you enter the pool with your studs or any jewelry piece on, the chlorine will affect the Jewelry. In the same way, hot showers also damage your accessories. Therefore, it’s recommended to take your Jewelry off. Otherwise, you are going to lose your favorite pieces.


Jewelry can lift your whole avatar, or it can ruin it. There are two extremes. Above mentioned are some tips that need to be kept in mind. Minimal Jewelry is always a safer option, saving you from overdressing.

One of the tips to be given is always to go with the office Jewelry in contrast to statement one. The whole attire will help you elevate the entire mood. Many people love to accessorize themselves, and they are seen attempting to make fashion blunders.

Craze for Jewelry is on the side, but if it distorts your personality in public, those mistakes need to be identified and rectified. Making aware of our audience of the common mistake is our responsibility. Stay tuned for more such content!

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